Fishing Charter – What Is A Derby Event

In comparing an Alaska halibut fishing charter with their competitions, the first thing you’ll notice is the number of pictures they post on their site. These pictures showcase the large halibuts that their previous guests caught. This only proves that their area has many halibuts and you can catch your own if you choose their location.

But one of the highlights in their area is actually having derbies in catching halibuts or other fishes. If you are not familiar with derbies, this is the gathering where people will fish and present what they catch in the end. Special prizes are given in the end for those who may have the best catch or winners of different categories. However, this will focus on the participation of other fishers and guests instead of giving emphasis on competition. This means there’s no pressure in winning but they just need to enjoy and learn more about fishing.

What are the categories within these derbies? Of course, there are people who will be included among the groups of people who caught the largest halibuts or fishes. Committees will measure the fishes caught in terms of weight and hang them for comparison and picture. Once they determined the winner, they will give them awards and cash prizes. Those who will are in second and third place may also be given prizes.

Second, categories for women and children may also be included. Children who may have caught the best catch will be recognized by the participants by giving them awards and prizes. But in general, every kid may also gain their recognition by being the youngest members of the fishing group. Since fishing has been known as sports of guys, women with the best catch will also get their prizes and recognition. This is a way to declare that everybody’s fair when it comes to fishing. Aside from being fair, it’s also a sport that everyone will enjoy.

Finally, these prizes are not only given every derby but there can also be monthly prizes. They will accumulate monthly results and give a prize for those people who topped the standings. This is very common for organizations or charters that organize regular derbies.

If you want to join these derby events, you can look for charters that offer them and look for details such as tickets and prizes. You need to buy tickets to join them and have a chance to win their prizes.

You can look online for an Alaska halibut fishing charter that has these derbies so you can include this on your vacation itinerary. Tickets can be obtained from them so you can interact with other fishers. The good thing about this is you can get lots of tips from them and improve your fishing skills.