Fishing Charters – Three Tips For Success

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If you’re planning to look into fishing charters to enliven your next sea expedition, you are probably making one of your best vacation-related decisions. No matter how much you enjoy getting out on the water, feeling the sea breeze on your face, and putting down some line, things can get immeasurably boring if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. Knowing what you’re doing takes experience. Not just in general, but experience with the area. Hiring a boat to take you can accelerate that experience. You probably wouldn’t just set out into the African wilderness with a jeep-safari guide that exists for a reason! The same goes for captains. Here are three tips for success with your next trip.

Where and When To Go

The first thing you need to decide when looking for fishing charters is where and when you wish to go on your trip. This is obvious, of course, but don’t overlook some important considerations when making your decision. It should ideally be based on more than, “Well, this is when my kids are off on their summer break.” Some research is required. There may be times of the year when you can get exceptional value for your dollar. On the other hand, these may the times of the year when it is too cold to really enjoy yourself out on the water. Look into the research and see what people are saying.

Plan Your Stay

Some good fishing charters are spread out over more than a single day. You may wish to stay over in the local hotel, giving you the chance to get up early and rejoin your expedition on the subsequent days. Depending on what time of year you’re planning on visiting an area, you may want to book your accommodations well in advance. You never know when an area’s hotels will fill up and you don’t want to endure the inconvenience of having to commute each morning. Pick a hotel near the marina and you’ll have that much less traveling to do each day.


Fishing charters are not all the same. It doesn’t take any special licensing, experience, or education to call yourself the captain of a charter. Therefore, it makes sense to ask around and do some research before you decide which boat to go with. No matter where you go, you’ll find captains that know the area like the back of their hand and you might find some who are clearly little more than expensive boat drivers. Reading reviews can give you quick insight into which is which.

Deep Sea Fishing Charters – 2 Tips For Amateurs

As this is not an easy trip and needs a bit of expertise as there are difficult situations and problems involved and unusual conditions fishing in the deep sea, most newcomers would welcome the assistance of competent charter services to take them deep sea fishing a few miles out into the sea. It is essential to ensure that you have all the proper equipment when you go out into the sea, as you have to ensure that your safety is maintained with no room for problems to endanger it. Deep-sea charters will give you all the help you need in making sure that you are properly equipped before you sail out.

A list of the necessary equipment as a checklist

The charter services normally furnish you with a complete list of equipment that they are providing you with and also let you know what to bring along with you. It is worth your while to go through all this as a checklist and ensure that nothing is missing. Mostly the charter company does give you all that you require with the exception of the license for fishing. This you will have to buy from the shore before you leave for the trip. What they would provide you with would be things like reels, rods, lures, nets, baits along with equipment to clean the catch.

New fishing enthusiasts need not worry as they will be told what has not been provided and can always get this stuff for themselves. One of the essentials that they will not provide you with and that you should bring along is a sunblock cream for protection from the UV ray. There is no protection from the sun when you are at sea and it is best to carry a large tube or more of a sunscreen of at least SP 15 or more with you. Water for drinking and a large hat to give you some shade are other necessities that you should have as the heat can create terrible dehydration

Extras for the trip

To make it a really fun trip, you could include a lunch box with some beers and sodas also, which can be bought at the charter sight. If you are allowed to bring along your own food and drink you should do this. Though ice and refrigeration will be available for the fish that you catch, you could carry your ice for your drinks. Something that you should not forget is a camera so that you can keep your experience in film. There will be many new exciting experiences which you will want to keep on record, like new people and the fantastic fish that you have caught. If you are a novice at the fishing game make sure that you get in touch with a fishing charter so that you know what to bring along.

Fishing Charter – What Is A Derby Event

In comparing an Alaska halibut fishing charter with their competitions, the first thing you’ll notice is the number of pictures they post on their site. These pictures showcase the large halibuts that their previous guests caught. This only proves that their area has many halibuts and you can catch your own if you choose their location.

But one of the highlights in their area is actually having derbies in catching halibuts or other fishes. If you are not familiar with derbies, this is the gathering where people will fish and present what they catch in the end. Special prizes are given in the end for those who may have the best catch or winners of different categories. However, this will focus on the participation of other fishers and guests instead of giving emphasis on competition. This means there’s no pressure in winning but they just need to enjoy and learn more about fishing.

What are the categories within these derbies? Of course, there are people who will be included among the groups of people who caught the largest halibuts or fishes. Committees will measure the fishes caught in terms of weight and hang them for comparison and picture. Once they determined the winner, they will give them awards and cash prizes. Those who will are in second and third place may also be given prizes.

Second, categories for women and children may also be included. Children who may have caught the best catch will be recognized by the participants by giving them awards and prizes. But in general, every kid may also gain their recognition by being the youngest members of the fishing group. Since fishing has been known as sports of guys, women with the best catch will also get their prizes and recognition. This is a way to declare that everybody’s fair when it comes to fishing. Aside from being fair, it’s also a sport that everyone will enjoy.

Finally, these prizes are not only given every derby but there can also be monthly prizes. They will accumulate monthly results and give a prize for those people who topped the standings. This is very common for organizations or charters that organize regular derbies.

If you want to join these derby events, you can look for charters that offer them and look for details such as tickets and prizes. You need to buy tickets to join them and have a chance to win their prizes.

You can look online for an Alaska halibut fishing charter that has these derbies so you can include this on your vacation itinerary. Tickets can be obtained from them so you can interact with other fishers. The good thing about this is you can get lots of tips from them and improve your fishing skills.

Complaining About Fishing Blues

Perfecting the fine art of complaining.

Author’s program note. Oh, my, she was angry, angry to the point of bursting, to the point of indiscretion, even scandal. And so she let fly a cascade of hot words, each one hotter and less controlled than the last. It was a bravura performance… a rip snorter of a complaint months in the making, starting with this memorable opening, “Your servant, your servant? Indeed, I’m not your servant”.
Can you recall this cinematographic moment of choler, rage and unbridled anger? It was, of course, from Rodger and Hammerstein’s brilliant production “The King and I”, the film version (1956) starring Deborah Kerr as royal Siamese governess and Yul Brynner role perfect as His Arrogant, Condescending Majesty, life-and-death master of all; one “civilized”, the other a jewel-encrusted, half-naked “barbarian”.
Mrs. Anna (as her charges called her) was Welch, plain spoken, clean living, a woman who understood what was right and what wasn’t, as she made perfectly clear in her memoir “The English Governess at the Siamese Court” (1870). As such her path to acute irritation and the strongest possible disapproval of her capricious, exacting employer was inevitable…. her outburst one of the greatest complaints ever. Go to any search engine now and find this tune, “Shall I Tell You What I Think Of You?”  There could scarcely be a finer tune for an article on complaining, don’t you think?
Something we do every day, without thought, with often acute consequences.
Let us start at the beginning, the way a good governess like Anna Leonowens would certainly do.
Complaint: A statement of  wrong, grievance, or injury. From the  French “complaindre”. The word also has a legal dimension, “the first paper setting forth the plaintiff’s cause of action,” and a medical angle, too: “A physical ailment, disease.” As such complaints, problems to be solved are at the very root of our civilization and knowing how to handle them is crucial to your well being.
What level of complainer are you?
Before we deal with the matter of how to handle complaints, it is useful to see how much of your time and energy is bound up in complaining. All people complain of course; it is the most constant and human of activities. But what level are you at? Someone whose complaints are mild and occasional, or someone who sees grounds for complaint in every matter or incident, big or small?  First, then, recall to memory the last day or two. What happened that caused complaint? And what did you do to complain; keep the complaint(s) to yourself, share with friends and co-workers, contact the establishment where the complaint was generated, or what? You will know immediately, if you do not already know, whether you are an infrequent complainer or someone with a cosmic axe to grind, complaining as frequent as breathing.
Turning complaints into improvements.
A complaint properly handled is a device for improvement, not a means for showing off your superior intelligence and bosom buddy friendship with God. In other words, a complaint can be used to ameliorate or belittle. It all depends on how you handle it. For example a few days ago an argumentative acquaintance of mine managed to get himself into the most common of bar room altercations.
The matter at issue could easily have been dealt with if there had been any mutual desire to solve it. But liquor and morality were in this lethal mix. Thus, in just a minute or two my sanctimonious, always right, never wrong friend lay on the floor, writhing in pain, three front teeth at his feet, When he called me, as he was sure to do, he expected tea and sympathy from me. After all I was “his” friend, the right to speaking truth waived for the duration.
However, what he got instead of soothing acquiescence was another version of the “truth” — mine…. And it went something like this. You’re nearly 60! Your bar room brawl days are long over. “But they were trying to take advantage of me.” So now we had dueling complaints. His about the rightness of his tawdry cause…  mine about his unarguable and abashing propensity to “pop off” whenever truth, justice and the American way were in his corner, as they always were. His dentist told him the final replacement work would be done — “No, sir, I am not exaggerating” — in about a year. And that, of course, generated additional, full, rich, resonant complaints, which he immediately began to lay on friends everywhere, for he was assuredly a man of righteous grievances… “didn’t I agree”?   My (justifiable) complaint, irrefutable, unassailable, totally veracious, long overdue.
No, I did not agree, and so here, now I intend to take this matter in hand giving an ample piece of my mind to every non-stop complainer in the land. You’ve had this coming for a very long time. For openers, the only reason I ever listened to your unending litany of “I’m right, I am never, ever wrong” complaints is so that I can force you to listen in turn to mine.
Thus, I want to go on the record, once for all, to tell you what I think of you and the grievances you expect me to listen to and agree with.
Now hear this:
Your unending stream of complaints has alienated every single person who, through courtesy and for no other reason, has listened to your trivial chronicles of woe; each less important and more boring than the last. By now you surely must be the Guinness Book of Records Cosmic Complainer Award winner… for you have achieved the enviable distinction of turning absolutely everything in your life (including the hideous tattoos which deform your aging bulk, each a reminder of outrages past) into the basis for complaint and moral indignation.
And thus, began my epic flight as a complainer, a flight recalled to this very day as a matter of the great possible impact and interest. Once begun, I couldn’t help myself. I had waited a lifetime to unload the burden of my silence. Now I intended to let every grievance out and allow it to breathe, prosper and expand, to the wonder of all.
In just a minute, my cause picking up speed and momentum as I went, I had advanced into the ranks of senior complainers everywhere, deft, thorough, awing the world with practised skill and wondrous delivery. I discovered I had a knack, even a genius for complaining. And so I began to understand why everyone and his brother complains so… not to air grievances… not to correct gnawing injustices of every kind… no, indeed.
… but for one reason and one reason only: because the delightful selfishness of complaining enables you to gather every eye, engage every brain and turn your unending rodomontade into glorious selfishness, and what a joy that is! But I must not let this selfishness get out of hand…. and neither must you….. Thus, this great, this overdue, this public-spirited way to handle the insufferable business of non-stop, universal complaining.
We have, you well know, a universal energy crisis. Complaining, or to be quite specific, the hot air it engenders can solve the problem in record time. Here’s how.
Each person on earth even those who claim never to complain will be assigned a hose by a grateful government. Instead of complaining in the usual way, hot air generated but uselessly expended into the air; this time we will voluntarily agree to blow the hot air effusions directly into a tube that connects with a central processing facility, built just so to generate heat, light, electricity, power and energy. My science  team says the idea is not only feasible but certain to win the Nobel Prize. I shall be the saviour of the planet.
Broken reverie.
“What do you mean my idea stinks? That you haven’t heard anything so daft for a coon’s age? That it can’t’ be done, won’t be done, and shouldn’t be done? Are you trying to be a smart ass? Then hear this… I’m glad those punks nailed you; you had it coming. they should have punched out all your teeth and kept going. You twittified, arrogant, bloody jerk!” A moment more and we were both on the floor, Mrs. Anna singing in the background “Shall I Tell You  What I Think Of You?” There was already one tooth on the bloodied floor… “you conceited, self-indulgent….”